Tips for E-Retailers to Boost Sales this Valentine’s Day

Tips for E-Retailers to Boost Sales this Valentine’s Day

Love is in the air as Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. For businesses, this day brings a promising opportunity to enhance sales. Every year millions of dollars are spent on gifts, flowers, cakes and other items on Valentine’s Day. As most customers prefer ordering online, e-retailers need to come up with an effective marketing and sales strategy to sell more products. Giving a special theme to your website is one of the ways to attract customers and increase sales. You can also upsell and cross-sell various items online to increase sales. Another smart way to sell products this Valentine’s is to give exciting gifts to your customers through a lucky draw. Here are a few tips for e-retailers to increase sales this Valentine’s Day!

Give Your Website a Special Theme

Celebrate love with your customers by creating a special Valentine’s Day theme on your website. Based on your products, you can make the theme more exciting. If for instance, your product range includes clothing and accessories, change the color theme of every section with shades of red. Come up with an interesting tagline to promote your Valentine’s collection so that customers are attracted to your products. Having a special Valentine’s Day banner on your website is also likely to attract customers to make a purchasing decision.

Use Creative Ads to Grab Attention

Advertise consistently before the day to attract the attention of your customers. Creative and interesting ads are likely to land you more customers. Add elements of love and commitment in your ads to compel customers into buying your products. Promote your products by using emotional appeal. Love is a great motivating force for purchasing products, so create ads that make customers associate your products with love and Valentine’s.

Offer Valentine’s Special Deals and Discounts

Couples celebrating love would be looking for special deals and discounts. Bundle up products together as gift packs and sell them at a rate less than their original price. Special discount packages are yet another effective way to boost sales. You can announce a one-week special Valentine’s sale on all your products.

Use Live Chat for Upselling and Cross-Selling

This Valentine’s Day utilize live chat support for upselling and cross-selling products on your website. Customers looking for Valentine’s products can be given suggestions and help regarding products through live chat. You can upsell and cross-sell various Valentine’s items by conveniently explaining the features and benefits of different products in 24/7 live chat support.

Surprise Your Customers with Amazing Gifts

If you want your customers to buy more from you, surprise them with amazing gifts. You can give away two tickets to a tourist destination to four or five couples through a lucky draw. Dinner coupons and jewelry discount vouchers can also be given to customers as Valentine’s gifts on every purchase. You can also send out a greeting card and cupcake with every order to make the day more special for your customers.

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