Tips for Luxury Brands to Enhance Online Customer Experience

Tips for Luxury Brands to Enhance Online Customer Experience

Luxury Brands are ardently loved by customers because of the prestige and style associated with them. Customers adore these brands for the experience, design element and quality of the product offered. The opening of e-stores has made it even more convenient for customers from around the world to shop for luxury products with a few clicks and have it delivered at their doorstep. It is therefore, important for topnotch brands to offer premium online shopping experience to customers as they would expect when they shop at your store. Here are a few tips that can help you create a memorable shopping experience for your online customers:

Improve User Experience

The website of your brand should be designed in a way that it is not only visually appealing for customers but also convenient to search and browse through products. Do some research and categorize the products on your website according to the preference of customers. Facilitate the customers by further cataloguing the products. For instance, for the women’s handbags section you can divide the bags into types, colors and price range. It would become more convenient for the users to filter options according to their preferences. There would be customers looking for a particular fabric or material for a product, give an array of options to them by displaying products in a way that they can spot their desired items in a glance. Also, clear and specific product descriptions must be added.

Offer Multilingual Customer Support

Your website should have the multilingual feature to cater to customers belonging to different regions of the world. Also list maps of all your international outlets on the website to enlighten your customers about store locations. List product specs in various languages and add multilingual product videos on the web page to reach out to a global audience. Market yourself as a global brand and offer your online customers from various regions of the world, quality service. Enable your customers to view product price range in various currencies and shipping details for every country should also be mentioned.

Use Live Chat to Personalize Online Shopping Experience

Integrate the live chat feature on your website and use it to connect and assist your customers better. You can pay special individual attention to each customer and personalize the online shopping experience with this conversation service. Hence, a similar experience can be created as happens in store. You can communicate proactively with your customers via live chat software, suggest products to them and address their concerns regarding the specifications of an item or shipping status. Another advantage of using this communication portal is that live chat operators can communicate with customers in their preferred language thus enhancing the customer experience. You can utilize live chat support to not only help your customers in multiple ways but also get their feedback which can be used to improvise customer experience in a unique and focused way.

Make Customers Feel Special

Without adding the “wow” element to your service you cannot really win the hearts of your customers. Luxury brands in particular are all about the experience offered. Your clients wear your brand with great pride, how about appreciating them with gestures which reflect that they are a valuable asset for you. With every online purchase, send them the product in gift wrapping or special packaging with a handwritten thank you note. Small surprise gifts, invitations to the upcoming fashion events or a dinner is a great way to appreciate your loyal customers. You can also feature your customers in your online blog posts. Woo your loyal online clients by sending them something special on their birthdays.

All these efforts will help you in creating a better experience for your online customers!

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