Tips for Online Furniture Stores to Offer Great Customer Experience

Tips for Online Furniture Stores to Offer Great Customer Experience

Online furniture stores have made it quite convenient for customers to shop for all sorts of furniture and save time. From home and office furniture to decor accessories, these stores are catering to a wide range of customers’ needs. While online furniture stores offer great value for money, making the customer experience worthwhile for a diverse customer base may turn out to be challenging. The key factors that play a significant role in making or breaking a brand’s image for online shoppers include the website layout, secure payment methods, prompt service and interactive communication. So if you are running a furniture store you need to consider all the factors that count for making a memorable customer experience. Are you looking to acquire new customers in addition to retaining existing ones? Here are some tips that can help you in creating a satisfying customer experience!

Make Your Website Aesthetically Appealing

The first impression counts and for furniture businesses it is important to make websites aesthetically appealing for visitors. Choose a simple yet catchy name and logo for your online store. The color scheme of the website should not be overly bright or too dull, instead use colors that grab attention and give a professional look to your website as well. Properly categorize products, so it gets easier for online visitors to search an item. For products like sofas, beds and tables further divide the products into categories for customer convenience. Keep the order placing, payment and check out procedures simple. Do not list ten pages on your return and privacy policies, instead keep things simple and easy for customers.

Give Customers Exciting Customization Options

Many online furniture stores offer customization options for furniture items. However, having a feature on the website where customers can change fabric colors, material and other specs showing different choices to customers with a few clicks would facilitate them in making a buying decision. Similarly if you have kids’ furniture in your product catalog, customers would want to see different customization’s for beds, drawers, wardrobes and storage cabinets. Providing customers the choice to instantly look up the results of various customization’s would make their visit on your website much better and they would prefer you over your competitors.

Use Live Chat for Enhancing Customer Satisfaction Levels

24/7 Live chat Support is likely to enhance your customer satisfaction levels and would help you with managing queries and complaints in an effective manner. Live chat can also be used for gathering feedback from customers and improving/updating your products. Live chat support can be used for offering customers personalized solutions according to their budget. Using this tool on your furniture website is a great way to build reliable customer relationships.

Meet Delivery Deadlines without Compromising on Quality

Another very important tip for online furniture stores to create a memorable customer experience is to fulfill their delivery and shipping promises. Do not give tentative delivery dates to your customers, instead check the availability of your products, coordinate with the manufacturing department and then confirm a delivery date and time. Moreover, many businesses compromise on the quality of products in an attempt to prove their efficiency with delivery and shipping schedules. This can turn out to be damaging for your furniture business, instead of giving your customers low quality and poorly finished items, focus on quality, honor your commitment but not at the cost of compromising on quality.

Surprise Your Customers with Monthly Discount Offers and New Products

In order to create the wow effect, surprise your customers with monthly discount deals and new products. Offering a monthly sale or weekly deal would keep them coming back and shop more. Since the trends and styles in furniture keep on changing, you need to give your customers variety to stir their interest. Offer your regular customers loyalty cards, on special occasions bundle up your furniture items with useful gifts like decoration vases, aromatic essence oils, floating candles and eye catching lamps to make your customers feel special. Make a list of the most frequently sought after items on your website and keep on adding products to that section. Adding the surprise element to the experience would make the customers your brand advocates.

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