LiveAdmins Becomes Certified Live Chat Provider For Toyota And Lexus Dealerships Across Canada

LiveAdmins Becomes Certified Live Chat Provider For Toyota And Lexus Dealerships Across Canada

February 27, 2024- Chicago, IL: LiveAdmins is proud to announce that it is now a certified live chat provider for Toyota and Lexus dealerships all across Canada, under the Dealer Digital Solutions (DDS) program.

This strategic partnership establishes LiveAdmins as the leading provider of live chat solutions, chosen by companies worldwide to increase their sales and elevate their online customer experience.

The DDS program is a component of the Toyota Canada Connected Retail roadmap, which provides certified digital marketing providers and tools for dealerships to enhance customer experience and drive business growth. Under this program, LiveAdmins is now one of the preferred live chat service providers for automotive dealerships across Canada seeking certified live chat solutions.

Commenting on this, Brian Smith, General Manager at LiveAdmins said, “As one of the preferred choices for certified live chat service, we look forward to contributing to the continued success of Toyota and Lexus Canada Dealers. This partnership solidifies LiveAdmins’ standing as a premier provider of human-powered live chat solutions globally. With our 24/7 personalized chat support, Toyota and Lexus dealerships will be able to enhance their online customer engagement, increase lead generation, and drive conversions.”

With LiveAdmins, Toyota and Lexus dealerships in Canada will be able to provide their digital customers with 24/7 personalized support, creating a positive customer experience that results in increased loyalty and conversions. The live chat technology is designed to integrate with any website or platform, making it easy for auto retailers to start engaging with their prospective buyers with real-time chat.

As a certified live chat provider for Toyota and Lexus dealerships, LiveAdmins has introduced customized features that are tailored to meet the specific requirements of dealerships. One of these is Chat2SMS, a premium LiveAdmins service that enables car shoppers to engage with dealerships through SMS messages, which is often a preferred channel of communication. While typically a paid service, this is currently extended as a complimentary offer exclusively for Toyota and Lexus dealerships in Canada.

LiveAdmins, an industry leader in live chat with two decades of experience, also provides a diverse range of integrations, including WhatsApp for Business, Facebook Messenger, and Google My Business. These integrations enable auto dealerships to engage directly with prospective buyers visiting their social media platforms. Hence, they will be able to engage with prospective buyers across various channels, unifying all interactions in one centralized platform.

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