LiveAdmins introduces Involve to help businesses increase ROI

LiveAdmins introduces Involve to help businesses increase ROI

February 15, 2016 – Chicago, IL: LiveAdmins, provider of pioneering Live Chat systems to over 100,000 users around the globe, has introduced ‘Involve’, a groundbreaking feature that lets businesses increase their websites’ Return on Investment manifolds.

Involve, an inventive feature, lets website owners take control of their online chats by monitoring, advising and participating in the conversations that happen in real time through the LiveAdmins software.

The brains behind the new feature, Rehan Wali, Chief Technical Officer of LiveAdmins, said, “It is a major step ahead not only for LiveAdmins, but also for the whole industry, as it puts us in a position where we can set the bars high for others to follow.”

Our multilingual operators work alongside sales teams of businesses of all sizes to ensure they get the maximum Marketing ROI by answering technical questions, providing insightful advice and close more deals. This also results in an unparalleled user experience for a customer on a business website and helps increases brand loyalty, awareness and satisfaction.

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