4 Most Engaging Channels to Collect Online Customer Feedback

4 Most Engaging Channels to Collect Online Customer Feedback

One of the biggest challenges for businesses is to collect customer feedback. Most customers find it a hassle to fill out surveys, since they include too many questions or are sometimes too confusing. What is the best way to gather feedback online in order to understand what your customers want? Using new channels and techniques to collect feedback is likely to bring better results, however, you need to make sure that the survey questions are designed in a way that customers find them interesting and easy to answer. With the increasing use of mobile devices, In-App surveys can be used to know how your customers rate your product/service. The process of getting suggestions and opinions from customers can be made more interactive through social media. Here’s a look at some channels that are likely to bring you valuable customer feedback!

Utilize Mobile Apps to Ensure Speedy Response

Since more and more customers now prefer shopping through their smartphones and with the increasing trend of business transactions happening through mobile apps, companies can use In-App surveys to gather customer feedback. The biggest advantage of using these surveys is that unlike conventional channels of gathering feedback, In-App surveys are engaging, less time consuming and easy to respond. These In-App feedback surveys can also help you gather useful information on how you can improve user experience on smartphones.

Make Use of Social Media to Acquire Feedback

A lot of businesses are using social media for offering customer service. Social media channels can be effectively used to gather candid customer feedback. You can make the process of feedback more interactive and informal through social media, responding instantly to the comments of your customers and asking their thoughts on what should be added to your product/service to make it better. You can use contests on social media to get customer ratings about your brand/product. Social media can also be used to gather valuable feedback on product design, latest promotions and deals and to evaluate customer experience.

Use E-Mail Surveys to Gather Detailed Customer Feedback

E-mail is one of the most effective tools of customer communication, however in order to get detailed feedback through this medium you need to adopt the right strategy. First of all you need to make sure that you send out personalized e-mails. Get an automated acknowledgement that the recipients have received the surveys and are working on them. If you are asking customers for their suggestions on some issues, take action after receiving feedback and call back to check if they are happy with the solution.

Use Live Chat to Get Insightful Feedback in Real Time

Live chat for websites is an engaging and effective way to get online customer feedback. This channel can be used to know the opinions and suggestions of your customers in real time. When seeking feedback, define your purpose and goals in order to maximize effectiveness of the survey. Feedback can be taken from customers on different aspects, for instance, new product launches, identifying customer pain points or even suggestions on improving service experience. Make sure that you keep the feedback questions short and simple.

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