6 Ideas for Successfully Launching Your Product at a Trade Show

6 Ideas for Successfully Launching Your Product at a Trade Show

Trade shows offer a great opportunity for businesses to showcase their products and build connections with contemporary brands along with understanding the expectations of the target audience. Since trade shows are a platform where your prospective customers gather, you can make the most of this opportunity by launching your new product. One of the many reasons that a product launch can turn out to be a successful venture on a trade show is the media coverage that is likely to bring your product in the limelight. Moreover, the convenience with which your potential customers can have their queries and concerns addressed on the spot and instantly giving product demos are important factors to consider. If you are considering introducing a new product on an upcoming trade show, here are six simple tips to propel your launch!

Plan Things in Advance to Grab Attention of Your Target Audience

You need to start planning the launch three months before the show, make a list of the tasks that you need to finish off beforehand. It would be much better to make announcements about your product in advance in various industry publications. If your potential customers have already read about your new product in magazines, they would be excited to see and know more about it at the event. So come prepared beforehand and get everything sorted out in advance.

Market Your Product via Live Chat and Other Interactive Mediums

The second important step for making your product launch a success is to start marketing it on social media and through interactive communication channels like live chat for business. Advertising your new product through such mediums would give you an edge of creating hype about your product, inviting your customers to the trade show and answering any questions regarding the launch instantly. If for instance, your company is launching a new mobile app, you can tell the customers visiting your website about the launch and send them invitations to the trade show via live chat support. Social media portals can be smartly used for advertising your app launch at the trade show.

Enlighten Visitors at Your Booth about Your Product

Make wise use of the space at your booth for enlightening customers about your new product. Have competent product managers onboard who can elaborate the details of your product. Give demos of the product to help your customers with the buying decision. You can use power point presentations and videos to give product information in a compelling manner.

You can also have a smart marketing manager answer queries of your prospective customers in detail. It would enhance your image as a professional brand and one on one conversations with customers would give them the trust to check out your product.

Have Your Press Kit Ready to be handed over to Reporters and Bloggers

A detailed and proper press kit is necessary for your product launch at a trade show. Include and mark this as one of the most important things to do before setting out for the show. Collaborate with your PR department and get the press release, photos and other relevant information regarding your product ready. You can also give out advertising brochures to the attendees, it would save you lot of effort. At the launch, delegate your media and communication manager the task to hand over the press materials to media and provide all the required information to the bloggers. Your media materials should be professionally worded and must have all the relevant information regarding your upcoming product, the key benefits, the problem it is likely to solve and how it can impact the lives of the users/buyers.

Use Out of the Box Marketing Ideas to Engage Your Target Audience

An important step towards making your launch a success is to promote your product using out of the box marketing tactics. Turn your product launch into a small red carpet event to stir excitement. Give your marketing team the task of engaging your target audience through enticing ideas. For example, if you are launching a new mobile phone you can invite your brand ambassador to the booth for promotion and the attendees can take pictures with the celebrity. You can giveaway a mobile phone for free at the end of the event via lucky draw. Don’t forget to serve your guests with refreshments and drinks and thank them for their visit.

Give Away Thoughtful and Exciting Promotional Items

Give away thoughtful items and products that can actually serve as reminders of your business and keep the customers coming back to you. Keeping in view the preferences of your target audience, design and personalize promotional items. The products should be relevant to your business. Instead of just getting your logo printed have the name of your new product printed on these items as well. For instance, if you are a business launching a chocolate bar, giving away small mugs with your product’s name and logo, filled with chocolate bars would make your launch attendees happy. If you are launching a gadget giving away USBs, iPods and other tech items is a good idea.

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