How Live Chat Can Be Useful For Human Resource Management

How Live Chat Can Be Useful For Human Resource Management

One of the most important responsibilities of every organization’s human resource department is to find the best candidates with the required skills and experience for a job. It is a time-consuming process for recruiters as it involves advertising vacancies, reviewing applications, scheduling interviews and selecting suitable applicants. Candidates prefer making use of companies’ websites instead of contacting via other means to get updates on their status. To cater to these applicants’ needs, a smart step would be to provide them with immediate onsite assistance and to do that, live chat, amongst other services, is probably your best choice. It enables candidates to effectively reach out to your company at any given time and your recruitment team’s capacity to respond efficiently makes live chat beneficial for human resource management.

Taking all these aspects into account, here are some ways in which live chat can facilitate your organization’s recruitment process.

Encourage Candidates to Apply At Your Organization

Job seekers usually keep their options open by visiting a number of websites and they take many things into account before deciding which company to apply at. Use live chat to help them make that decision. Your operators can give a brief overview of your company and the available jobs to convince potential candidates to join your organization.

Update your website as soon as there are new job postings and integrate live chat to facilitate proactive engagement between your operators and visitors. It allows you to instantly clear any doubts or questions that candidates may have when applying at your company.

Quicken the Pace of the Recruitment Process

Sometimes, candidates who face difficulties in the application process may feel that they are wasting their time and hence, they eventually give up. Chatting with applicants in real-time speeds up your organization’s hiring process. Live chat agents can help these candidates in filling out forms, guiding them through the application procedures etc. Providing applicants with continuous support along the way allows them to successfully complete the procedure and it reduces mistakes on their part, thus saving time for them and your company. This will decrease your application process abandonment rate.

Improve Applicants’ Online Experience

Use live chat for business to enable human to human interactions between applicants and your recruitment team. Seeing a human face reduces pressure on clients when they apply for vacancies at your company’s website and it also makes their job search experience more interactive. Ensure that they enjoy browsing through the job openings at your organization and guide them in every possible way so that they apply for the posts which best suits them.

Facilitate Direct Communication with Candidates

Candidates may have urgent concerns about applying at your company. For example, successful applicants would like to receive immediate response about the deadline within which they have to update you about whether they accept your job offer or not etc. Offering live chat services creates an interactive and ongoing two-way communication process in which applicants can speak directly with your recruitment team about anything that they may have on their mind.

Gather Real-Time Feedback

Apart from providing ease and convenience to candidates during their job hunt, live chat increases your company’s chances of converting more applicants into employees because of the seamless online experience and satisfaction which your operators deliver to them. Therefore, live chat enables recruiters to get the results they want.

Request every applicant for their views on your live chat service and ask them if there is anything that you may add to further simplify and improve your future hiring process.

The rich and advanced qualities of live chat makes it the ideal platform for human resource management to proactively connect with applicants. It increases the effectiveness and efficiency of the recruitment process by creating a networking system which facilitates applicants in every possible manner. Thus, using live chat to personalize candidates’ recruitment journey allows you to stand out from the competition.

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