Live Chat Features that Make it a Must Have for Businesses

Live Chat Features that Make it a Must Have for Businesses

Many customers look for a personalized relationship when they conduct business with an online company. Providing them with a human experience is essential to retain them. Live Chat Solutions offers a great solution to this, it adds to the customer experience, making the online visitor journey more exciting. Some of the important features that make live chat a must-have for businesses and help them sell more are around the clock availability and multilingual chat support. Have a look at these and more features in detail:

Multilingual Chat Support  

It has always been a challenge for companies to interact with international customers without plunging deep in the company resources and valuable time. Different time zones and the variety of languages spoken across the world make it tough for businesses to sell to their foreign clientele. Live chat provides online businesses with seamless contact with their international clients, while managing the time difference efficiently, making sure the response time is minimized and offering multilingual support for all major regions. Ecommerce companies are bound to witness a considerable increase in their sales curve once they integrate live chat within their websites.

Around-the-clock Availability

Live chat helps you go live with your customers, ensuring 24/7 availability and preventing any communication lag. The concept of getting back to your customers only during business hours or the next working day has been changed by a 24 7 live chat Support that helps you conveniently respond to your customers right there and then, ensuring better interaction and stronger relationships. This ensures your customers get what they want; whether it’s their product queries that are being addressed or their concerns that are being catered to. By using live chat you prove to customers that you are just a message away, thus you start retaining them and making more sales.

Quick Response Time

Live Chat has proven to be one of the major sources of customer feedback, loyalty and retention. The reason for this is that it’s a lot easier to browse and get information about a product through a website as compared to visiting a store. Effective usage of “Canned responses” is one of the methodologies that can result in quick response time that will eventually lead to profit-maximization for your online business. While making sure the entire chat session is not dependent on canned responses and making use of pre-constructed responses wisely, you should ensure that customers are offered a better online experience.

Chat Takeover Feature

“Chat Takeover” is a feature that provides the opportunity to senior management or a sales manager to take control of an ongoing chat from a chat agent. The demand for this particular feature has increased in recent years as business owners and senior management personnel want to interact with their online visitors themselves on different stages of a chat session to land a customer and be able to offer better guidance about a product/service. Some might want to take over a chat session if it’s a confused visitor, while others might want to discuss the specifics of a particular product and share specialized information with the visitors.

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