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Millennials Love Live Chat

More Than Chit-Chat: Why Millennials Love Live Chat

With the advent of Instagram and Twitter hashtags, the era of the millennials is clearly upon us. They have defined this period in history with their keen sense of social justice and a preference for swift communication. You may be wondering how does live chat services figure into this equation. Millennials expect and consistently ask

Live-Chat Solutions Boost Lead Generation

Take The Lead: How Live Chat Solutions Boost Lead Generation

Technology is rapidly transforming the digital marketing landscape by opening new communication channels every year. While live chat is an effective customer service tool, it is also a powerful marketing instrument. Live chat services pave the way for generating qualified leads, capturing potential sales opportunities and creating a positive brand image for one’s business. Live


Lessons on Branding from the School Playground

Branding is important for businesses in order to stand out and have a unique image which customers can relate to and develop a familiarity with. Aside from certain rules which always apply to corporate branding, your marketing team is free to experiment with the company’s image until they arrive upon the ideal slogan, boilerplate text,

Marketing Mistakes

4 Marketing Blunders to Watch Out for in 2018

In 2017, a leading international soda brand’s insufficiently researched television ad led to a major backlash from fans and critics alike. Their social media accounts were bombarded with messages demanding an apology from the brand for being ‘insensitive’.  Another well-known company, this time a social media giant, offended online users when it used the site

Guide Behavioral Marketing

A Beginner’s Guide to Behavioral Marketing

Consumer psychology has become a fundamental factor for businesses when creating effective marketing strategies. Behavioral marketing has transformed the simple ‘advertise to sell’ ideology to a deeper philosophy that finds ‘inform, persuade and influence’ at the core of its model. Behavioral marketing is the art of finding the best way to attract and retain customers


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