Tips for Increasing Online Conversions

Tips for Increasing Online Conversions

Customer conversion rate is an important index to measure online business performance. It basically shows how much of the traffic generated by a business is converted into customers. For an e-commerce website, the first phase to business optimization is creating sufficient traffic, i.e the visitors coming to your website. Online advertisement, web referrals and search engine optimization can lead to regular website traffic.

But the next, comparatively more crucial stage is converting that traffic into viable business opportunities. The customer experience while they browse through your webpage should be smooth and simplistic.You also need to ensure that your website has the added oomph that ensures the visitors spend time on your website browsing through products. Below are some practical guidelines that will surely assist businesses as they convert their daily visitors into loyal customers:

Improve Web Layout

Webpage developers and online entrepreneurs need to measure the effectiveness of their webpage to ensure easy navigation by all the online visitors. According to a survey conducted by WebGreeter®, one of the leading live chat solution companies, if your website takes more than a minute to load, you are undeniably losing more than 70% of your online visitors. Firms need to analyze their websites and work out a design strategy that ensures easy access to the main page and smooth navigation. Regular checks need to be made pertaining to the functionality of the website in order to improve the design and grab the attention of a greater customer base.

Build a Highly Proactive Customer Support Team

A proactive customer care department is paramount to the success of your business and to maximize your online conversations. In this day and age, the customer care department of any firm cannot afford to lag behind on any front, be it telephonic communications, email, fax, or even Live Chat Support. Many businesses seem to be making a crucial mistake of ignoring Live Chat Support as a prospective channel for customer care. By using this tool, you can increase your online conversions and convert visitors into paying customers. This will also help lower shopping cart abandonment rates and improve your sales to advertising ratio.

Address your Customers’ Concerns

Customers expect businesses to address their pain points and ensure a smooth communication channel. In the modern business world, professional marketers are increasingly targeting their customers’ complaints and queries and ensuring better product and service delivery. The pain points or weaknesses differ with each customer. You can address pain points by advertising the solutions in the form of answers in the website’s FAQs section and have Live Chat support online at all times to cater to customer queries.

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