The 5 Secret Ingredients to a Sound Digital Strategy

The 5 Secret Ingredients to a Sound Digital Strategy

Being easier to access and having immense visibility, digital media has become one of the best ways to market your brand. Strengthening brand presence through this medium requires creating a unique identity in the mind of the digital customer. Viral stories, generating hype, and targeting the right audience through demographics are the way forward to have the desired impact. But just having some ideas is not enough. You’ve got to ensure that you have the perfect recipe to create a sound digital strategy. Here’s a look at some essential elements.

Niche Targeting

Digital media is flooded with content, pretty much about everything you can think of which makes it extremely challenging for a business to stand out. You might have the catchiest, most appealing content being seen by audiences that have no use for it. For instance, imagine a business that sells clothing for children and is delivering 90% of messages to individuals who don’t have children. No matter how great the message or product is, it will remain irrelevant to them. They may appreciate the advertisement or commend your marketing strategy but it won’t result in a sale. Targeting a focused niche and generating content that is relevant to them will have better results.

Social Listening

Social media has become an important platform where customers express their views about products and companies. They compare brands, advocate their personal preferences, and voice out bad experiences. Social media offers vast information and therefore it is important to monitor it and actively listen to customers. Having an active presence on social media platforms will enable you to stay in the loop of what your customers are talking about which in turn will help you better address their concerns, provide them Live Chat Solutions, and explore opportunities for developing new products and services as per their needs. There are various social listening tools that can be incorporated to help achieve desired results.

Content Strategy

Every product must tell a story in order to stand out amidst thousands of products out there. If a product doesn’t appeal to customers in some unique manner, they will probably not buy it. If the content you generate to market your brand is not interesting enough, the message will be wasted. Developing a unique brand identity and voice so that a company is instantly identified in a crowd should be the goal. However, in the process don’t forget that your content must also add value for the customer. It needs to be relevant and timely. Don’t just tell your customers about yourself – start conversations, build relationships and engage them by sharing useful information. Whether it is text, images, videos or events, your message should be delivered in a way that it is remembered.

Utilizing Analytics

Entertainment, socializing or shopping – the modern customer does it all online. This gives you an opportunity to discover touchpoints to influence buying behavior. Accessing consumer data is not a difficult task, the real challenge is to make use of that information to make better decisions. There are a handful of free, and numerous relatively inexpensive analytic tools available out there. These insights will help you understand consumer behavior and preferences. Utilize these insights to generate meaningful data that will be beneficial in developing new strategies and building value-added relationships with your customers.

Maintaining Consistency

Consistency is key. If you look at the biggest brands in the world, they are following a consistent message on their digital platforms and in their retail outlets. Creating the ‘right’ taglines is also important. You would want to create something that fits in the overall marketing strategy for all your channels. This is how your customers are going to connect with you, remember you, and end up being loyal brand advocates. Make sure your message and tone is consistent when you’re talking about your products and service across different platforms.

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