How to Improve Your Online Business

How to Enhance Every Step of Customer Buying Cycle

The Customer Buying Cycle (CBC) is a progression of the consumer journey from the initial phase of identifying the need for a certain product/service to post-purchase. Understanding CBC is important for businesses wanting to provide the best outcome to prospects through the entire customer journey. Generally, it is a five-point trail consisting of Awareness, Research,

Attract More Customers This Holiday Season

How to Attract More Customers this Holiday Season

Holiday season is one of the busiest and most profitable time for majority of businesses. Everyone wants to celebrate and give each other meaningful gifts.

multilingual support

How Multilingual Live Chat Can Help Your Business

Live Chat has enabled businesses to instantly talk to online visitors and generate more leads while enhancing online visitor experience.

How to Promote your Brand using Social Media

Businesses can no longer ignore social media as it is constantly being used to promote products, engage online customers and strengthen brand image.


Why Marketing, Sales and Support Departments need to Collaborate

For a business to thrive among competitors, there has to be collaboration among its core departments, namely marketing, sales and customer support. While the marketing department runs campaigns to attract customers and pitch ideas, the sales team closes the deal and support department works on retaining those customers.

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