Dubai Health Authority Acknowledged LiveAdmins for Excellent Performance

Dubai Health Authority Acknowledged LiveAdmins for Excellent Performance

January 26, 2021 – Dubai, U.A.E: LiveAdmins has been recognized by the Dubai Health Authority, Government of Dubai for extraordinary efforts and excellent performance in the pandemic year of 2020. LiveAdmins has provided round-the-clock live chat service to Dubai Health Authority during the coronavirus pandemic. With uninterrupted service, LiveAdmins managed the entire chat load with proficiency, providing quick and knowledgeable solutions to online visitors.

“Our commitment has been duly applauded by the Dubai Health Authority. They have recognized our sheer dedication to providing unhindered, 24/7 live chat service to online customers during crisis. Even amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, LiveAdmins has successfully continued to provide excellent customer experience without an iota of compromise on service standard. The team at LiveAdmins has successfully addressed the queries of countless online visitors, enhancing satisfaction level.” said Hamza Nasir, General Manager at LiveAdmins.

LiveAdmins provides committed services to improve the support experience of online visitors by catering to their concerns. Customers get their questions answered immediately, which lets businesses connect with prospective customers. Throughout the process, LiveAdmins imparts a memorable online experience.

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LiveAdmins is a leader in providing multilingual Live Chat solutions and services that enrich the online visitor experience, customer satisfaction, and the bottom line of businesses of all sizes. Our solutions are fully customizable, easy to set-up, and always online, catering to over 10 industries across 8 time zones.

About Dubai Health Authority

Dubai Health Authority is the health department of the Government of Dubai, created in June 2007. Dubai Health Authority manages all the health-related issues and handles the successful implementation of state health policies. For more information, visit

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