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How to Avoid Disappointing Your Customers

Building strong customer relationships is essential for success in business. While it makes good business sense to avoid the words “No, I’m afraid we cannot…” it is even more critical to avoid promising too much and then being unable to deliver, which has proven to be infinitely more damaging to the credibility of companies and

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Tips to Ensure You are Providing Consistent Live Chat Support

Offering real-time support to your website visitors through live chat is one of the fastest and most effective ways to facilitate their needs. The efficiency of live chat service depends upon user-friendly software, proactive live chat agents and most importantly consistency. For customer satisfaction, offering consistent service is essential. Although some chat agents are more

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5 Steps for Creating a Remarkable Live Chat Experience for Your Visitors

Just having live chat on your website is not enough for quality customer support. You need to make sure that chat agents are delivering value to visitors by timely addressing their queries and efficiently resolving issues. Paying attention to factors that count for a gratifying chat experience would help you land more customers. Make sure

Live Chat Features

Live Chat Features that Make it a Must Have for Businesses

Many customers look for a personalized relationship when they conduct business with an online company. Providing them with a human experience is essential to retain them. Live Chat offers a great solution to this, it adds to the customer experience, making the online visitor journey more exciting. Some of the important features that make live

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5 Essential Skills Every Customer Support Agent Should Have

Your customer support team has to interact with different kinds of customers and often come across challenging service situations. They have to be proactive when it comes to addressing queries or resolving issues. There are certain skills that your support agents need in order to create a satisfying service experience. You need to have a

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