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Using Data to Ramp Up Sales

Ever wonder why everyone is talking about data all the time? By using business data, such as demographics, buyer personas, survey results, or reports, decision-makers can execute better sales strategies. Data-driven decision-making is proven to result in higher sales as well as revenue. According to a CIO Insight report, 40% of companies feel that limited

CX Strategies

Hit ‘Refresh’ on Business CX Strategies

Once a business hits a comfortable stride, with a steady flow of revenue and a reliable customer base, it can feel like celebration time. It may be a bit soon to uncork the champagne, as this is where companies risk losing their hard-earned momentum. A customer-centric organization will want to avoid the complacency trap at

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Capturing the Powersports Customer Online

If your business operates in the motorsports and powersports marketplace, you are well aware that getting customers to cross the threshold is a considerable challenge. Another significant obstacle is the quickly aging Powersports consumer market. They are less likely to use power sports vehicles the closer they get to their 50’s, and 60’s. Powersports manufacturers

Real estate

Charting Real Estate’s Future with Artificial Intelligence (AI)

In 2019, the real estate business is much more than a location, a neighborhood, the total number of rooms, the style of architecture, and the final asking price. The abundance of information readily available online has essentially disrupted the market. The latest technology, simpler communication platforms, and increasingly sophisticated consumers – all three aspects have

Applying 'Super Skills' to Customer Service

Applying ‘Super Skills’ to Customer Service

Departmental stores often use signature scents to bolster their brand’s image. Another benefit of scent marketing is that it connects an individual store with the entire franchise. Whether you are shopping for a checkered button-down shirt in Chicago or for a pair of olive-green khakis in Dubai, the store’s proprietary fragrance forms an essential part

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