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How Airlines Can Improve Visitor Experience on their Websites

Customers these days prefer booking flights online and browsing for information related to air travel. Hence, for airlines it has become all the way more important to have websites that offer users all the required details on flight schedules, booking processes and special deals. Many passengers want to check what kind of food they would

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How Travel Companies Can Improve Online Customer Experience

Travel websites provide convenience and offer a number of deals and packages which customers can choose from. According to a survey by Ipsos MediaCT 65% of leisure travelers begin researching online before they decide where or how to travel. This increases the competition between different companies as customers have so many options and packages to


Benefits of Live Chat for the Tourism Industry

With the increasing demand for high quality travel experiences, the tourism industry needs to offer better services and travel packages to vacationers. Most travelers’ today search for deals and packages online. Taking this into consideration, travel firms need to enhance their online presence using live chat. With the help of live chat service support, businesses

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4 Simple Tips on How Airlines Can Provide a Better Online Experience to Customers

According to a study conducted by Berry and Jia in 2010, around 50-60 percent flights were booked online in the U.S alone. Now imagine this happening on a global level. According to Euro monitor International, global online travel and tourism sales are expected to reach 830 billion dollars in 2017. Having an online presence is

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