customer experience Tips on Reinventing Your Online Customer Experience

One of the biggest challenges that online retailers face these days is low customer retention rate. Many customers leave a business because of inconsistent service, poor support; lack of information available on a shopping website or not finding personalized offers suiting their needs.

Collaboration Why Marketing, Sales and Support Departments need to Collaborate

For a business to thrive among competitors, there has to be collaboration among its core departments, namely marketing, sales and customer support. While the marketing department runs campaigns to attract customers and pitch ideas, the sales team closes the deal and support department works on retaining those customers.

Conversion rate How to Increase Conversion Rates using Customer Psychology

Knowing how customers think and what they expect is vital for success in business. While every business strives to increase conversion rates, without understanding the mindset of customers, you can’t convince them into buying from you. Instead of using conventional marketing methods to get noticed, use customer psychology to stir the interest of your prospects.

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