online hotel How Hotels Can Gain Competitive Edge with Live Chat

The hotel industry is becoming increasingly competitive with a number of options available to travelers. While location and price pay a pivotal role in the customer buying decision, superior customer experience is integral to the hotel business. With a large percentage of people searching and booking hotels online, adding a chat feature to the hotel

4 Useful Tips on Customer Journey Mapping for Startups

For every new business, customer acquisition and retention is a prior goal. However, without putting yourself in the customers’ shoes, you will not be able to create a delightful experience for them. Customer Journey Mapping is a smart approach that gives you complete understanding of your customers’ experiences at various touch points. It is a

online customer support 6 Tips for Improving Online Customer Support

Customers today have fast paced lives and find it more convenient to contact a company through their website or social media page than visiting the store or office. Providing online customer support has become necessary as it enables the customers to interact with representatives of the company using social media, email or through the website

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