5 Reasons Why Live Chat is Essential for Your Business [Infographic]

Every year businesses all over the world lose billions of dollars just because of poor customer service. The 2011 Right Now Customer Experience Impact Report revealed that 89 % of the customers switched to a competitor after having a poor customer experience. However, with the Live Chat solution, businesses can improve the quality of customer

prediction 4 Predictions for E-Commerce Industry

Online shopping is becoming increasingly popular because of the convenience it offers to consumers. Although online retail stores have not been able to fully replicate the physical store experience yet they have been successful in gathering their band of loyalists. The latest market research analysis shows that the future of e-commerce industry is very bright

Lead Generation 6 Useful Tips for Identifying Your Potential Customers

Before launching a new business venture or a product, you need to identify your potential customer base. In order to modify your product/service idea according to the needs of your prospective customers, you need to know them better. Defining the target market for your business will also help in efficient utilization of your marketing and

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