How Using Live Chat Support Results in Happier Customers [Infographic]

Customers value the businesses which offer a differentiating customer experience. Since the point of entry in an e-store till the departure, for customers the most appealing thing is how they are treated by the CSRs. The shopping experience on an e-store is only rated good when the arrival of customers is acknowledged and they are

live chat experience 3 Tips for Optimizing Live Chat Experience for Your Customers

With the advancements in technology, online customers are becoming more and more demanding with every passing day. This is the reason why eCommerce entrepreneurs are faced with the challenge of making their websites more appealing for modern day customers. While several factors are important, customer service remains the primary element impacting the reputation of the

live chat for fitness industry How Live Chat can be Useful for the Fitness Industry?

Health and fitness are a major concern as more and more people are seeking professional help to adopt a healthy lifestyle. IHRSA published a Global Report which revealed that the health club industry in 2014 generated $84 billion in revenue worldwide as more than 180,000 clubs attracted 144.7 million members. This clearly indicates the growth

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