Social Media Customer Service: Reacting vs. Engaging

Most companies I work with have the social media customer service thing wrong. They typically monitor social channels like Twitter, Facebook and others and react to the comments, trying to respond and fix customer complaints. If all a company is doing is responding to customer complaints, well that is so… 2012! Within the past two

How Online Cosmetic Stores Can Provide Better Customer Experience

The dynamics of the beauty care industry have changed over the years, not only do the top notch brands but the newer ones also have online stores so that they can reach out to customers across the globe. Maintaining a certain standard of customer service can be a challenge for any online business, for cosmetic

live chat support Prospects of Live Chat Support for Telecom Industry

The thriving Telecom Industry caters to countless number of users across the world. Every telecom company has customer support centers to address customers’ concerns and complaints. However a large number of customers complain about delayed response, miscommunication and bad service. Call centers are proving inadequate to satisfy a huge number of telecom users. Technical hitches

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