How Restaurants can use Live Chat to Improve Customer Service

With so many choices available to customers, those in the restaurant business really have to innovate and stand out to be on top of the choice list. There is no doubt that the quality of food, ambiance and overall service provided are the main ingredients for success in this business. With the popularity of the

live chat service for education industry Importance of Live Chat for the Education Industry

Many educational institutions around the world are realizing the need for the provision of adequate online support service for their students. For instance, some institutes have gone a step further and have added Live Chat Service support on to their websites. This is an efficient tool for providing support to students who are coming to

Online Customers Tips for Retaining the Attention of Your Online Customers

With so many different choices available to modern consumers, it has become a challenge to retain the attention of online customers. How do businesses keep customers interested in their product or service? How do they prevent the customer from leaving their website for a competitor? What are some of the key elements to customer retention

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