Sales Techniques 5 Psychological Triggers that Can Help You Sell More

Influencing the decisions of your target customers depends primarily on how well you understand them and their needs. While every customer you come across is different, the emotional triggers for most people are essentially the same. If you want to persuade your target audience you need to identify what is important to them. Humans are

crisis management 4 Useful Tips for Businesses on Effective Crisis Management

For businesses, maintaining a positive image and reputation matters, at times simple mistakes can cause serious damage to a company’s brand name. This is especially true in the current digital era where customer expectations are high. Facing a crisis is inevitable for all sorts of businesses. Every business experiences crises in one form or the

Benefits 4 Key Benefits of Using Business Intelligence Tools

Business Intelligence is a technology driven process where raw data is converted into useful information through different tools and software applications. The usage of Business Intelligence tools enable insight on data and information, allowing businesses to make that information highly useful, as well as actionable. According to a Gartner report, the total spending on business

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